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Every job we do is framed in our 5 Step Process. With our 5 Step process, all the confusion and headaches are removed from your project!

1. First Contact, Job Details, and a free over the phone Estimate.

In this step, we discuss the job details (Location, type of service, Time frame) and any other relevant factors. After we have collected the details we will give you a free Estimate Range over the phone. We give a range because we know every job is different and we want to see the job first so we can give each customer the best price possible.​

​2. Site Meeting

If the job is complex enough, we will schedule a Site Meeting with you. This is to go over the particular details of the job so we can give you the best price on the quote.

3. Quote

We will draw up a quote based on all the information gathered and deliver it to you either in person or by email. If by email, we will give you a phone call to ensure you have received the quote. You should have your quote within 2 days after our Phone Call or Site Meeting.

4. Contract, Work, and Invoice

We will meet on the day that the work is to begin and sign the contract. If the contract price is more that $1000 we do request a 25% down payment at the time the contract is to be signed. Then, work will begin! Work shall be performed in in a workmanlike and professional manner, up to and surpassing the National Electrical Code. The work area will be kept clean and clear for egress. Once work is complete, a verbal or written report (Your Preference) will be given to you detailing all the work that was completed. Along with this report, will be your invoice of the remaining balance of the contract to be paid.

5. Payment and Completion

The final step! Payment will be do according to the terms in the contract. Usually this is within 3 days after you receive the invoice. Special payment terms can be applied depending on the situation. Once payment has been received, that completes this job! We want to stay in contact though. You will receive a phone call within 7 days after completion from our owner, Victor Quesenberry, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your project!

Common Electrical Issues



Oil-filled electrical mobile radiator heater for home heating and comfort control in the r

These can be attributed to faulty or substandard devices connected to the grid that are drawing a lot of current (i.e. air conditioners and portable heaters). When multiple powerful appliances in your home are plugged in at the same time, you might notice voltage dips, which means your power grid may not support such load. This may mean you need a new circuit in the area to handle the load.


Closeup of a lightbulb on a ceiling .jpg

When some lights in your home are brighter than others or you hear buzzing sounds coming from them, there might be an issue with one or more wires, a bad power pack, or a faulty switch mechanism. If not fixed soon, these issues might progress into short circuits and even fire hazards. A diagnosis and fix of the problem or a new light should correct this.


Installing Electrical Outlet

Your nose knows, so you’d better trust it. It's a good idea to use your sense of smell when suspecting any electrical issue in your home. If you detect smoke or weird smells, it might be time for an expert opinion. This could lead to a fire or worse. Please contact us ASAP if you notice these issues. This can usually be fixed by identifying the problem and correcting any issues which are commonly localized to the outlet. Replacing the breaker with an AFCI breaker on this circuit also ensures maximum safety.

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Our Offers


Base Price

This includes 2 HOURS of detailed and professional Electrical Troubleshooting. Most small to medium electrical issues can be resolved within 2 hours. This also includes a detailed report of the electrical issue and what we have done to resolve it. The best thing about this is that it also includes a 1 Year warranty on all work performed by Mountain View Electric Company.


Additional Repairs

Sometimes it will take longer than 2 hours to fix a complex or major electrical problem. If we foresee your issue to take longer than 2 hours we will stop, put the job in a safe condition, and inform you of the additional cost before proceeding with the hourly rate.


Designed for You

More complex problems can require us to replace electrical parts that may involve additional cost. If this is the case, we will give you our recommendations and let you know what the costs are before moving forward with the repair.

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For projects where you wish to add something major. An addition, a shed, a panel/meter upgrade, re-wiring a home, etc. Mountain View Electric Company will meet with you at the project site so we can give you the best price possible that is customized to your personal needs! Call us today to set up a meeting!

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Mountain View Electric Company provides subcontracting services to all General Contractors and/or project managers in need of a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured professional Electrical Contractor. Call us today for Subcontractor pricing.

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We are committed to all of our clients, and look forward to working with you. Questions, comments or special requests? We would love to hear from you.

Get in touch with a Master Electrician at:

Victor Quesenberry

(540) 617-1625

Thanks for submitting!

Socket Repair
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